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Extun offers its know-how and expertise to plan and build strategy online and offline communication of your business. We offer a complete range of solutions tailored to your organization and your means ensuring desired monitoring, maintenance and updates in IT and accounting.

Extun also managed to forge partnerships with international engineering companies which allowed him to participate in very large projects on behalf of multinational corporations


IT Develop

Our I/T department specializes in developing customized software, primarily in the industrial sector (GPAO, GMAO and ERP), multimedia (CD-ROM and computer graphics), the Internet (web application, dynamic site, based given portal), design ( template and logo creation ) and mobile developement(Android, iOS) apps


Pooling of the basic salaries and accounting outsourcing services to French companies and accountants who wish to outsource all or part of their accounts (accounting outsourcing, payroll, administrative ...)

Secretary Ship

Individual or professional, dare secretariat unconstrained with telesecretariat ! Only when you need it . Independent secretary for whom? In which case to use an independent secretary?

Web Hosting

Web hosting provides you the accessibility of your website from any computer connected to the Internet.Reliable and scalable web hosting solutions , meet the strictest standards of security and performance.


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